The Oak Hut has always been proud to offer great value and simplicity and a wide range of quality oak furniture.  But did you know it's now even easier to furnish your home with high-quality wood?

We have teamed up with finance company Divido to offer our customers the chance to own great furniture using an affordable payment plan that lets you spread the cost of your purchases into either 6 or 12 monthly payments.  This great service is also available with interest-free credit meaning that buying now and paying later does not cost you anything extra.


Who is Divido?

Divido is a young, fast growing, technology company in the process of changing the old school financial services sector, forever. Backed by Europe’s largest early-stage venture capitalists, a group of successful technology entrepreneurs and high profile City financiers, Divido are currently able to facilitate £25m of credit underwriting, financing individual transactions of up to £25,000 on the spot.  With such credit potential on-hand you can be sure that we will be able to handle your transactions, even helping to spread the cost of furnishing for first-time home buyers.


Why Buy Oak Furniture in Instalments?

For many people, paying in monthly instalments is simply a matter of convenience it allows them to buy higher quality items like oak furniture, without stretching their weekly budget too far.

Forget using credit cards and complicated bank loans for those important purchases. Divido allows people to buy anything in interest-free instalments, in minutes, completely paperlessly.   At the Oak Hut, we can often sort out purchasing, credit and delivery all in one simple transaction.

In many cases buying furniture with a higher degree of permanence, such as an item made of solid wood rather than a cheaper item made from medium density fibreboard may well be a better investment in the long-run, as it will be less likely to need a replacement quickly.

Working together with an incredible finance company we are able to offer even greater value to our customers.