Weston Oak Sideboard

Sideboards are a rather useful tool for any home.  Whether you are using your sideboard to store important papers that your regularly need to refer to or are using it, like Cockney musical duo “Chas and Dave” to keep your beer within, then the piece of furniture screams practicality and common sense.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a home for all of our odds and ends. Our sideboards are a great storage solution for your dining room or living room. All those bits and pieces can be tucked away leaving your home tidy and organised whilst adding a substantial and high-quality furnishing item to your dining room.

Sideboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can always be sure that there is something to match your home and its dimensions. As well as offering practical storage, many sideboards also double as a drinks cabinet.  This dual function makes them popular, particularly in households who might enjoy the odd sweet sherry.  The cabinet allows you to hold a large number of drinks, without filling up your entire room with an assortment of bottles.  There is always a sense of anticipation when it is announced that the combined sideboard/drinks cupboard drawers are about to open.

If you have a dining room or a larger living room then you can easily add additional storage to your sideboard with a table top cupboard that adds shelving space to your existing furniture.  This gives a feel of a more modern Welsh dresser, of the kind that has been typically found in the kitchen of countryside homes.

In the dining room, sideboards can serve a number of purposes. Firstly items such as the Weston Oak Large Sideboard are at just the right height to host a banquet of food that is too small to fit on the main dining room table.  Think of it as an extra place where you can bring desserts or additional drinks.  If you protect the surface you can even use it to keep food warm using the popular candle powered heating griddles typically found in restaurants.  This makes it easy to offer people additional food items, as well as inter-course snacks.

With a wide range of sideboards on offer at the Oak Hut, you can be sure of finding your ideal furniture match.