Dwight Oak Chairs

Dining Chairs and tables can be the essential piece of furniture that turns a house in to a home. Whether you are looking for a meeting of friends around a round dining table or looking for a simple place to get together and chew over the problems of the day (as well as your meal) then these elevated platforms make the tasks easy.



Round Dining Tables and Chairs

The round dining table is ideal for small spaces. The smooth shape lends a sense of communal warmth that rigid rectangular dining tables lack. The absence of edges also adds a touch of softness to a room by disrupting the typically geometric pattern of furnishing in the modern home. South Park cocreator Trey Parker captures the laid-back vibe of his Colorado cabin with his use of a round table. Over in Switzerland, Giorgio Armani is also a fan of the round table.

The round oak tables on offer from the Oak Hut are equally useful as both a functional piece of furniture and a design classic. 


The Dwight Oak Round Extending Dining Table at a reasonable £465 can be paired with a range of solid wood and oak dining chairs that are carefully designed to match the colours of the wood in this range.  From the sturdy and traditional looks of the Dwight Oak Richmond Dining Chairs to the more playful angles of the Arizona Dining Chair range, you can be sure that these items will look great in your room.


Square and Rectangular Dining Tables and Chairs

If you seek a more traditional rectangular or square table then the darker wood of the Camber Dining Table might be what you are looking for.  This solid pine table offers excellent value at just £280 for a large 150cm table top.

The matching Camber Dining Chairs are also made from the same high-quality pine, with legs and upper body arms painted to match the legs of the table.

 Camber Pine Chairs

Whatever your needs for solid wood and oak chairs, you can be sure that the Oak Hut has you covered.