Your oak wardrobes are unlikely to be the gateway to another dimension as depicted in the Chronicles of Narnia, however, with a little extra organisation it could lead you to think of another sci-fi Icon, the Tardis.

 Sahraya Blonde Oak Triple Wardrobe

The Wardrobe in History

The modern wardrobe, found in most homes, is drawn from the tradition of having a room in which to hang clothes.  Obviously, in historic times, there were far fewer clothes for the average peasant to store, so these large cupboards did not become part of the fabric of the home until more recently.


The modern wardrobe was an early export from the Americas, arriving in the UK in the early 17th century.  The reason for the export? British oak was reserved for naval uses, such as building ships. Later, as wood once again became more plentiful, the trade returned to the UK. This led to a renaissance in English cabinet and wardrobe making as seen in the work of Thomas Chippendale. The styles he introduced are still popular today.


Today’s Oak Wardrobes

The Oak Hut offers a quality collection of oak wardrobes that are designed to fit in with our range of bedroom furniture.  We have a variety of sizes and styles from wardrobes that use their full space to house your clothes by hanging them inside, exemplified by the Bromsgrove Oak Full Hanging Wardrobe.

Bromsgrove Oak Triple Wardrobe


For maximum capacity and organisational space, you should look no further than the Sahraya Blonde Oak Triple Wardrobe.  This huge storage space consists of a generous two door hanging wardrobe, a third space to the side lined with shelves and 5 drawers of various sizes to keep your clothes looking at their best.


There are also numerous wardrobes available in narrow hanging configuration as well as smaller variations of the two door wardrobes that make up the majority of products of this kind.

Top Wardrobe Tips

Wardrobes are often the resting place of clothes that you no longer wear. They often need to be cleared out to retain some sense of order. Follow our advice and not only will you be able to use your wardrobe more effectively, but you may even put less stress on the door closures.

Identify why you need to organise the wardrobe.  Is it because you cannot find anything to wear?  Is it to simplify your morning routine? Is it to create space for more items? Or is it to clear out items that are rarely worn?

Empty the wardrobe

Only put back the items you really want to keep.  With everything out you can see exactly what you have and remove the excesses.

Donate the excess

Just because you no longer want the item, it doesn’t mean that it’s at the end of its life. Simply donate the clothing to your favourite charity.  The best items will end up in their charity stores, but they will be able to profit from recycling the materials within the worn-out items

Long-term wardrobe storage

If it’s spring and you know that you won’t need your extra warm coat or ski clothes until the winter, why not vacuum pack them until you next need them?  With the air removed, the clothes will stay fresh and will take up far less space in your wardrobe.